e-shape at EXPANDEO & THE FIRE FORUM 2022

e-shape, the EU-funded H2020 flagship project, promotes and upscales EO solutions in Europe and beyond supporting the sustainable delivery of EO-based benefits to users.

Three years into the project, this workshop that will be held in The International Auditorium in Bruxelles-Belgium on the 15th of June 2022, seeks to capitalise the knowledge and the value gathered, by unifying the community of users and discuss the expansion and the sustainability of the e-shape pilots across the 7 e-shape thematic, with a focus on the energy and water resources sector.

The e-shape workshop will:

  • Introduce EO-based applications developed through the project within the e-shape 7 thematic showcases: Agriculture, Health, Energy, Ecosystem, Water resources, Disaster Resilience, Climate
  • Brings together research, end users and civil society that want to benefit from the understanding and entering the EuroGEO initiative
  • Informs the participants about what the pilot’s service will grant access to in terms of Copernicus data and user’s benefit with examples on e-shape pilots support from a co-design, uptake, and sustainability approach (added values and solutions)
  • What’s next? Developing the EuroGEO vision.

Furthermore, the e-shape workshop will try to address the following questions:

  • What are the challenges for a convincing user / market uptake strategy?
  • How to develop relations among EO and non- EO communities that will drive the sustainability of the EO service
  • How the public, research and private sector can strengthen EUROGEO and Copernicus and contribute to GEO/GEOSS.

Find the full agenda here

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