e-shape at Researchers Night 2019

e-shape participated in the "Researchers' Night 2019”, held on 27th September! Researchers' Night is an annual event celebrating science and research, which takes place simultaneously in several hundred cities across Europe and beyond.

NOA presented e-shape pilots and showcases, at Ellinikos Kosmos,  Athens,  Greece and at the same day CERTH promoted e-shape project in Thessaloniki with the goal to bring researchers closer to the society and encourage young people pursue relevant careers.

The event in Thessaloniki  was a big success and managed to reach more than 4500 visitors within 5 hours. Within the framework of the event, the H2020 e-shape project has been presented to the visitor flows of all ages by the e-shape/ CERTH team. e-shape related information was placed at a central point. Presentations and posters demonstrated especially the myEcosystem Showcase of the project to familiarize the audience with the latest advancements in Europe in regards with earth observation and its usefulness to the ecosystem monitoring and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ways of access were showcased to consistently scaled environmental information on ecosystems from various sources and cutting-edge technologies (e.g. the open data technologies) that deliver analysis ready data for the user.

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