e-shape at the 8th World Congress on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Our partner ARMINES (OIE) had a strong presence at the 8th World Congress on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion at the Parallel event: Solar Resource and Forecast Data for Planning and Operating PV Plants (IEA PVPS Task 16) on the 27th of September 2022.

More than 25 participants had the opportunity to delve into the e-shape project and Pilot 3.2 | High photovoltaic penetration at urban scale trough our e-shape experts Rodrigo Amaro e Silva and Philippe Blanc and their presentation entitled "Solar resource for cities (solar cadastres)".

The main objective was to provide an overview on the topic while showing how e-shape research from ARMINES/OIE is paving the way.

Find the full presentation here

With a view to elevate the e-shape presence, a poster entitled "Estimating Global Horizontal Irradiance at the Urban Level: A Sensitivity Analysis Using Different Digital Surface Models" was also presented, focusing on evaluating different Digital Surface Models (3d urban maps) for calculating urban solar resource, considering location from e-shape pilot.

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