e-shape at the “National Workshop Greece: Satellite-based Services for Disaster Management”

Our e-shape pilot 6.4 | ReSAgri - Resilient & Sustainable ecosystems including Agriculture & food and Senior Research Associate Dr. Nikos Bartsotas from the National Observatory of Athens had a strong presence in EURISY’s national workshop in Greece under the thematic “Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management”.

The presentation entitled “Engaging decision makers in the co-design of EO services for societal and economic sector resilience” focused on a number of user-centric services that have recently been developed for Precision Agriculture and how engaging decision makers in the co-design of EO services has an impact on societal and economic sector resilience was successfully presented to users and national stakeholders.

Fast Facts:

The workshop aimed to create a common understanding among national and regional stakeholders of what satellite-based services can bring during the different phases of disaster risk management, and to facilitate the use of these services from a national to a European level.

EUSPA together with Eurisy, in cooperation with the Greek Ministry for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and Ministry of Digital Governance, organised a workshop in Greece to present operational satellite-based services for disaster risk management. Early adopters and relevant authorities were called to illustrate the challenges and benefits stemming from the integration and use of satellite-based applications. Ultimately, participants were challenged to move from the national to the European perspective and to discuss ways to improve user data accessibility for disaster risk management.

The workshop gathered users and national stakeholders to discuss the challenges in the use of satellite-based services, if any, as well as the benefits enjoyed. The purpose was twofold. On one hand, raise awareness on the existing and operational satellite-based services, especially how they can be integrated into daily workflows and translated into actionable information, especially with regard to Galileo and Copernicus. On the other hand, develop a roadmap to smoothen the integration path of satellite-based services by providing decision makers and EU institutional actors feedback on the obstacles users are currently facing throughout this process.

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