e-shape solutions: Unlocking the potential of Earth Observation data for climate change & urban areas

On the 24 February 2023 (08:30-13.30 CET) in Kalkara, Malta an e-shape labeled event will be held, hosted by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), that will present the Space Research Fund, providing financial support for Maltese entities interested in research, development and innovation in the downstream Satellite Earth Observation (EO) sector, and will introduce the objectives and actions of the Space Thematic Programme for 2023.

Based on the thematic priorities of the MCST, the workshop will showcase some of the e-shape pilots related to facing climate change impacts and better managing urban areas.

The pilots embed Earth Observation data in services that provide sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts and climate projections to European cities, improve visibility underwater, and  help better understanding the global carbon cycle. An additional product will be presented that uses EO data to better plan and exploit solar energy installations.

The Q&A sessions will engage speakers and audience in a discussion about the usability of the services presented and their relevance for the needs of public administrations and private companies in Malta.

The workshop will:

  • Introduce EO-based applications developed through the project within the selected e-shape thematic showcases Climate and Water resources;
  • Discuss the integration of the EO-based applications into user organisations’ daily workflows;
  • Bring together research, user communities and civil society that want to benefit from and contribute to the EuroGEO initiative;
  • Inform the participants about what the pilot services will grant access to in terms of Copernicus data and benefits for user organisations;
  • Foster discussions and exchange about opportunities and challenges with new potential users of EO-based applications;
  • Inject knowledge exchanges on co-design methodologies to develop the operational uptake of mature EO-based services.

To find the full agenda and register click here

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