Pilot 2.1 | EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution and...the air we breath

e-shape Pilot 2.1 | EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution through dedicated outreach actions sheds light on the global concern of mercury as a global pollutant.

The below communication material, developed in the context of the e-shape project, upends our understanding on this constant threat to the environment and people's health. More specifically:

  • the video teaser showcases Pilot 2.1 and the e-shape activities

Mercury is a pollutant of global concern and an extremely toxic chemical element. Still roughly two and a half thousand metric tonnes of mercury with a direct anthropogenic origin are emitted to the atmosphere annually. Operating in the e-shape framework, Pilot 2.1 aims to contribute to the effort toward mercury pollution monitoring, analysis, and prevention.

Mercury is an extremely toxic pollutant for which surveillance is necessary. We need to streamline the access to key resources allowing researchers, developers, and industrial actors to deliver services that bring concrete benefits to a number of key societal sectors. e-shape Pilot 2.1 has a vast potential user base: policy and decision makers; the general population; farmers, agri-consultants, agricultural cooperatives, fishermen, and industries.

  • the extended brochure showcases the objectives and outcomes of the Pilot
  • the consice flyer depicts the goal of developing a knowledge hub to support decision-making processes through user-friendly tools

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