The vision of the e-shape partners for the future of EuroGEO

A position paper is put together by the Executive Board of e-shape on behalf of all partners, the European Flagship project supporting EuroGEO. Its aim is to share the vision of the e-shape partners for the future of EuroGEO.

It takes into account the significant opportunities and challenges that characterise our sector and shape its future; it also recognises the fact that the post-2025 GEO vision is being presently shaped and that a ministerial is coming up next year.

In that regard, the paper recalls that EuroGEO should assume a multifaceted role supporting the coordination of EU contributions to GEO, enabling partnerships between public, academic and private actors, fostering increased innovation, promoting and disseminating the FAIR and GEO principles, facilitating international cooperation and contributing to the creation and development of a comprehensive innovation pipeline in Europe. These roles can greatly benefit from the concrete outputs of e-shape and the lessons learned through the implementation of 37 pilots by 68 partners. Moreover, the necessary governance structure for the execution of these roles is discussed in this position paper having fully incorporated reflections to this end from the execution of e-shape.

Last but not least, the position paper raises a call to action for the launch of appropriate calls with adequate budget to fully exploit the legacy by e-shape and not only maintain its momentum but also help to shape the future for the benefit of all EO actors.

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