Project management & coordinationWP1

Lead beneficiary: ARMINES

The objectives of this work package are to ensure an efficient and smooth coordination of the scientific and technical activities as well as the overall administration of the project. The main tasks will consist of: · Administrative, Financial and Contractual Management; · Scientific and Technical Management; · Quality Control Procedures / Internal Assessment; · Showcase Support Service.


Lead beneficiary: OGCE

WP3 has the objectives of structuring the efforts for conducting a coordinated approach of development for each pilot based on the analysis of commonalities, of implementing the pilots and of assessing results against the original assessment and plan and the users’ needs. Each pilot will use the most suitable solution for implementation building on top of existing datasets and European platforms (GEOSS Platform, DIAS, NextGEOSS, EOSC, in-situ observatories, citizen observatories, Data Hubs, etc.) and brokerage mechanisms (GEOSS platform DAB).The strategic activity of the WP will aim at issuing a guide for application developers, decision makers, and experts in the framework of E-SHAPE.

Sustainability & upscalingWP5

Lead beneficiary: EVF

WP5 has the objective to support the sustainability of pilots, promote their penetration in vertical markets (public and private) and establish and implement a mechanism for pilot upscaling and on-boarding. It will also lay out governance perspectives for the long-term impact of key E-SHAPE components.

Ethics requirementsWP7

Lead beneficiary: ARMINES

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.

e-shape Ethics and Data Protection Advisor: Anne Demoisy – Rhizome

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Showcases & Pilots Co-designWP2

Lead beneficiary: ARMINES

The objective is to develop (model, experiment, test and validate) a co-design process derived from the already validated KCP process and adapted to e-shape. The work package will unfold in 2 cycles: cycle 1: quick and smart learning cycle to diagnose pilots needs for co-design, conduct initial experiment of a first co-design process with some pilots; cycle 2: co-design processes generalized to all pilots to diffuse the co-design model and learn on specific cases.

Users’ Uptake, Capacity Building & LiaisonWP4

Lead beneficiary: EARSC

The overarching aim of WP4 is the promotion of the pilot projects at national and international scale, across vertical markets and amongst key user communities thereby growing the pool of candidates for co-design, making pilots more globally accessible, and increasing the market uptake of the pilots. This goal will be achieved through 3 Tasks: explicitly approaching pools of new users (T4.1 User Uptake), building capacity amongst the pilot project developers and potential users (T4.2 Capacity building), and liaising with other stakeholders that can act as multipliers to leverage the efforts of user engagement activities (T4.3 Institutional alignment).

Communication, Dissemination & help deskWP6

Lead beneficiary: NOA

The overall aim of WP6 is to maximise project impact through an effective campaign of communication, dissemination and engagement activities. This will be achieved by: (i) raising awareness of and encouraging engagement with the project for targeted audiences; (ii) disseminating project results; and (iii) establishing the e-shape Help Desk.



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